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Q: How safe is the powered tandem hang gliding?

A: We have a 100% safety record and the Airborne trike has been tested for 6 G-forces positive and 3 G's negative, that's much higher than most conventional airplanes. We also are fair weather flyers and fly with a backup ballistic parachute system.

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: People from age 12 to 92 have experienced this uplifting adventure.

Q: How often do you get cancelled due to weather?

A: At the Hana airport we have about 350 flyable days a year. On your way to Hana you will be driving through rainforest and you may experience some rain, it will most likely still be nice in Hana itself! The wind in Hana is very calm even if it blows 40 miles per hour in the channels the wind in Hana will be around 10-15 knots...perfect wind for flying!

Q: What happens if the engine quits?

A: The Airborne Trike is a powered hang glider designed for gliding with or without power. If you request us to; we will turn off the engine at the end of your flight and then we can still glide safely down to the ground.

Q: Is the engine very loud?

A: The engine is a Rotax 912, 4 stroke engine with silencer kit designed for noise reduction. In addition to the sound reduction features, you will also be wearing an intercom head set which not only allows you clear in-flight communication but also reduces outside sound.

Q: How far is it from our hotel?

A: From Kahului airport (the main airport on Maui) it is 1 hour and 45 minutes nonstop driving time. (See the directions and time chart on end of this page for further info.)

Q: My wife and I want to go at the same time, can we?

A: Unfortunately, one of the good things about this experience is also why the answer to this question is "no." This is a unique one-on-one instructional flight experience and the aircraft is designed for only one student and one instructor. There are various attractions in the nearby area if you have someone (or more than one person) accompanying you who doesn't want to wait at the airfield.

Q: What should we wear?

A: T-shirt and shorts are fine but, please wear shoes and socks. We will provide you with a flight suit.


Drive Times From Around The Island:

Take Hana highway #360 from the Kahului side of Maui all the way to Hana, turn left at the airport sign. Use the Google Map below for directions more detailed directions and approximate transit times: